Yes it did, in several places on several occasions.

What happened was that peaceful protests were either attacked by over-anxious, over-equipped and under-trained police officers, or by armed counter-demonstrations which these same police failed to keep apart from their opponents. Inevitably, brawls broke out. Brawls, not riots. There were some fires, most due to accident, some doubtless started for the insurance. There was some looting by professional criminals taking advantage of the confusion.

Much the same happened over here, except that our police are a constabulary charged with keeping the peace, not a paramilitary security force employed to protect the property of the wealthy. Our lads handled things, if not well, then certainly better.

Main difference is that we men in the UK are not so insecure about the dimensions of our genitalia as American men. Therefore we do not feel the need to demonstrate our masculinity by waving firearms about at every opportunity. Therefore, of course, people didn't end up dead.

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