Why is it that so many people have such a poor understanding of the word ‘fascist’? Or has it simply come to mean ‘somebody who doesn’t agree with my politics’?

Has Trump abolished State governments and brought all of the US under a single Federal Government?

Has he abolished Congress and the Supreme Court and vested all power in himself or the office of President?

Has he brought the banks, utilities and other key industries into State control?

Has he instituted compulsory military service? Set up a Trump Youth movement that all kids must join? Made it a legal requirement to have his picture in every office and classroom?

That would be fascism. Fascism does not necessarily have to be racist -it merely requires that people are all subject to the State and are servants of it. Racism is an add-on (Mussolini ignored Jews in Italy until Hitler advised him to act against them). The criteria for ‘belonging’ could be as simple as nationality -it depends on who is making the rules at the time.

The old Soviet state was fascist, as is the current Chinese one — in both, the people serve the State. Communism requires the State to serve the people and, as the name implies, expects key decisions to be made at the level of the community and a massive reduction in the responsibilities of, and need for, central government. Mugabes’ rule in Zimbabwe was fascist — and racist in the way white farmers were victimised and blamed for an economic collapse brought about by his own incompetence.

Trump is an egotist who has gained his position by manipulating the fears of the ignorant. Not difficult in a country where few venture abroad and where ‘foreign news’ is no more than a sidebar on the average bulletin (over here, foreign news tends to take up at least a third of any news programme or paper). He has no other agenda than self-aggrandisement and he will do and say anything that he thinks will ensure his continued prominence. Even if he loses the next election, he will not care as long as he still makes headlines.

As always, the problem is not fascism, but unrestrained capitalism, and the eventual ‘implosion’ will more likely take the form of multiple secessions by States with differing views on the solutions. The US is simply too big and too diverse to ever become truly fascist.

Snapper-up of unconsidered trifles, walker of paths less travelled by. Advocate-in-Ordinary to His Satanic Majesty.

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