What is the 'Left' you are talking about here? I only ask because all I can see - on Medium or elsewhere - are a bunch of well-meaning, socially-liberal and economically centrist middle-class people, wondering why working-class people vote for Trump or Republicans.

Because Republicans say "Work hard and you can get rich like me! The American Way!" While Democrats say "If we can all be nice to PoC, LGBTQ+ people and the environment, won't it all be lovely?"

A real Leftist party would be saying to those working-class people: "We're going to give you free health-care, cheap public transport, decent housing, proper jobs, living wages, free education at all levels, cheaper power and proper broadband. And guess what? We're going to make the rich bastards who've been grinding you down for years pay for it all!"

Because being on the left isn't about equality politics and multiculturalism and diversity. It' about socialism. About putting the needs of ordinary people before profit. About curbing individual greed and giving everyone the chance to develop the skills they need to become who they want to be.

Blue-collar White America needs to be told, once and for all, that capitalism exists not to make them rich, but to keep them poor. They need to be told "Look at the Black guy next to you. You both work at the same lousy job for the same crappy pay and pay the same extortionate rent for similar shitty apartments. His kids won't get to go to college and neither will yours. Your situation isn't his fault and his isn't yours. You're both being dumped on by that criminal psychopath in the thousand-dollar suit who lives in the mansion! He's the one that put you both here, and keeps you both here. Time to take him down!"

That is the Left talking.

Snapper-up of unconsidered trifles, walker of paths less travelled by. Advocate-in-Ordinary to His Satanic Majesty.

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