One thing to bear in (the back of your) mind is that had the Renaissance, Enlightenment and Industrial Revolution all occurred in Africa insteand of Europe, we would now be ranting about Black colonialism, Black Privilege and Black Fragility. In other words, these are, in the end, human problems that cannot be resolved until we work together as humans. Which means re-educating White people to realise that. Some of us have specks in the eye, some have planks, both need to be removed by anyone who can see clearly.

On a more immediate and important note, please don't ascribe all of Americas' woes to racism. That accounts for only about 50%. The rest is down to unfettered capitalism. Racism needs to be abolished. Capitalism needs to be regulated. Just dealing with one of these will solve nothing. White people need to face the consequences of anything they do to Black people. Rich people need to be stripped of their unnecessary wealth and that wealth invested in the rest of the people via State education, healthcare and housing -all of the best quality.

You mentioned Brexit -somebody always does. Are you aware of what has happened recently? The UK put in its' orders for sufficient Covid vaccines for our population well ahead of time, and we are pushing ahead successfully, thus far, with the programme. The European Commission forbade member states to order their own vaccines, saying that it was their job. They ordered too few doses, too late and the factory in Belgium is having problems. They are way behind the UK and the member states are bitching about it. What does the Commission do? It DEMANDS that the UK divert vaccine we have already paid for, and allocated, to Europe. When told to fuck off, the Commission then tried to break the Brexit agreement by closing the Irish border in order to sieze vaccine shipments intended for the UK. Without, by the way, consulting the Irish Republic. I ask, would you want your country to be part of an entity that behaves like this? Hang on, scratch that. That's exactly how America behaves. Now you know why we wanted out.

Snapper-up of unconsidered trifles, walker of paths less travelled by. Advocate-in-Ordinary to His Satanic Majesty.

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