Once again, you start with a sensible question and then go floating off into cloud-cuckoo land!

In the 1990s, Tony Blair — who was only interested in winning elections -reconstructed Labour with right of centre economics, but a lot of fluff about multiculturalism, the environment, LGBTQ+ rights, anti-racism and so forth. This allowed the middle classes to vote Labour to ease their social consciences while ensuring they would stay rich.The Left vanished from UK politics and working people were left with nothing to vote for.

Jeremy Corbyns’ election as leader was achieved by allowing grassroots Labour members to vote. He was only persuaded to stand because it was felt that at least one left-wing candidate should stand. He won because he was the only actual socialist on the ticket. But his position was impossible. All the experienced Cabinet members, and the majority of the Parliamentary Labour Party, were and are Blairites. He could not force constituency parties to de-select them, and as a believer in democracy, he let them have their say.

Now a real socialist is actually anti-EU. It is an undemocratic institution, set up to serve the interests of big business. Its’ only directly-elected body is the European Parliament, which only has debating and advisory powers, not legislative ones. All key EU officials are appointed, not one is democratically elected.

The only right-wingers who are anti-EU are the naive Little Englanders who still hanker after the Empire. Retired military men and their wives living in the Home Counties. The irredeemably privileged who went straight from Public School to Oxford or Cambridge, then straight into high-level jobs at their fathers’ business.

Ordinary people hate the EU because the French sold Exocet missiles to Argentina in the Falklands War. Because the EU flooded Britain with cheap East European labour and drove their wages down. Because the EU used financial leverage and outright bullying to force the SYRIZA government in Greece to adopt conservative policies. Because the EU forces the UK to take in thousands of economic migrants every year (don’t give me that look, there’s not a genuine refugee among them!) Because they interfere with the way we’ve done things here for centuries. Because the French can’t be trusted and the Germans haven’t changed since the Kaisers’ day. Because, geographical proximity notwithstanding, Britain is not part of Europe and never has been.

But the Conservatives are for the most part pro-EU, as Boris Johnsons’ actions following this election have shown.

The Blairites of the Labour party are also pro-EU and for this reason, and this reason only, Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters could not take the pro-Brexit stance they wanted to, or there would have been a full split in the party.

End result, the Tories win, we stay in the EU, and ordinary people are shafted again

Snapper-up of unconsidered trifles, walker of paths less travelled by. Advocate-in-Ordinary to His Satanic Majesty.

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