OK. Not a racist, nor an ally. Just an old English bloke who believes everyone should be treated fairly. This is despite the fact that, in my experience, 90% of people, of all races, are either blithering idiots or unmitigated arseholes.

So, consider these points.

In England and Wales, police officers constitute 1.8% of the population. In the USA, they constitute 0.3%. Yet people in the UK always complain that we have too few policemen, while people in America always complain there are too many.

America is a country which has always condoned, and indeed positively encouraged, individuals solving their own problems by violence, without recourse to the law. Your heroes are all rugged individualists who solve problems with their fists or their guns.

America further encourages this attitude by handing out lethal weapons to any fool, thug or psychopath with enough money to buy one, with only a cursory nod to any kind of regulation.

Your police are outnumbered and facing an armed and habitually violent public. They are stressed and paranoid and, on the whole, not very bright. So they fall back on the racist ideas that are at the bedrock of American thought, because it's easier than doing an impossible job. And because they are Americans ,they see violence as the primary response to any and all situations. So people, especially Black people, die at their hands.

Get rid of the guns. Purge your culture of the habit of violence. Get more police, not less, but recruit for intelligence and empathy, not aggressiveness. Finally, the powers that be in the US must admit to, and accept, that racism is implicit in the basics of your culture and government, and change it!

Snapper-up of unconsidered trifles, walker of paths less travelled by. Advocate-in-Ordinary to His Satanic Majesty.

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