Numerous tribal societies of which we have records, and some of which are still extant, have very different marriage and child-rearing customs. Some are polygamous, some polyandrous, others polyamorous. In some men and women live separately, and only meet to socialise or have sex. In others , everybody lives communally. In almost all of these cases, however, children are raised by the community, without regard to biological parentage, and the children invariably grow up to be well-adjusted and productive members of that community. Contrast with our experience, where the growth of 'juvenile delinquency', as it used to be called, is in direct proportion to the social and economic demand that we live exclusively in the nuclear family pattern. I too, have grandchildren, and I support my kids when I can. But unless you all live in the same house, it's not a real extended family!

Capitalism is capitalism. So-called 'free enterprise' is a misnomer, since one needs to start from a position of wealth in order to finance any enterprise. As to doing whatever you want, again, only those born into wealth have that privilege. The rest of us must serve them in whatever capacity they see fit to employ us, or starve.

The original, and only real, command economy was feudalism. In England, that system began to break down with the Reformation, as the gentry turned their new estates from susbsistence farming to cash crops, forming realtionships with merchants and guilds that eventually gave rise to the idea of investing in joint ventures, forming companies and finally full-fledged capitalism.

For myself, I would advocate a mixed economy, in which public goods are state-provided, and in which key utilities are publicly-owned. There would also be publicly-owned, non-profit organisations operating in certain key industries, not in competition with the private sector, but to provide an affordable alternative in areas such as food, telecommunications and housing. For non-essentials such as private cars, high-end consumer electronics and white goods, fashion clothing, hospitality and holidays and so forth, a well-regulated private sector would be the best option.

Snapper-up of unconsidered trifles, walker of paths less travelled by. Advocate-in-Ordinary to His Satanic Majesty.

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