No Longer an Atheist

It’s far too limited

Tony Atkinson


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For most of my adult life I have identified myself to others as an atheist. For most of my adult life all it meant was that I didn’t believe in the Christian God. Because that’s what people thought it meant. But nowadays, it’s different. Now people take it to mean I am a materialist, a believer in science — especially evolution — amoral, loveless, anti-religion, rationalist and a nihilist.

It doesn’t work like that. Unlike a stated religion, a lack of belief in God does not come with a pre-prepared set of other beliefs. But the New Atheist movement of the late 20th/early 21st Century, spearheaded by the like of Dawkins and Hitchens et al has changed the perception of atheism. It has now become a religion without God, with its own dogma, creed and theology.

We are, and can only be, what our genes make us.

The Universe is understandable and explainable, but only in terms of science.

Nothing can exist for which empirical evidence cannot be produced.

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Which does not materially differ from:

We are, and can only be, what God makes us.



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