I'm speaking from the perspective of atheism, and have no preconceptions of what God is, might be or should be.

But consider that a god whose ultimate and only aim is the creation of Man had to take the 'long way round' via evolution and mass extinctions. Given that what we now know contradicts Genesis, and that Genesis differs from all the other Creation myths of older religions. Given that the Universe itself is both finite and imperfect in so many ways, we may at least advance the niotion that this god is also finite and imperfect.

Then, when a life-form finally evolves that is a fit receptacle of the soul - whether that be a fragment of god or his/her 'larvae' - these beings are largely left to their own devices. Subject to "the thousand natural ills that flesh is heir to", and free to react to those ills and their equivalent benefits as they see fit. In the absence of a provable mechanism of fate or predestination, they are also able to act to alter and amend their lives, again as they see fit. God does not intervene, or if he does it is as often to their cost as it is to their benefit.

Then god is either playing with or experimenting with the creation -not very nice. Or he is indifferent to his 'children' - many animal species are, after all, and we must not be so anthropocentric as to assume that god is even remotely like a human. Or, god is only capable of so much when it comes to beings that are akin to, or part of, himself. Which is to say that overtly guiding us, or creating a perfect world for us, may in some way hinder achievement of gods' purpose, or indeed our purpose. It may be that such intervention might actually be damaging in some way to god, to us or to both.

We are left, in any of these scenarios, with a being of immense power and advancement, possibly non-material and possibly with a psychology we cannot properly comprehend. But still a natural being, subject to natural laws and limitations, though of what kind and degree we do not know. A being who has intervened at some point in the development of life on this planet, again for reasons we don't know or can't understand, but is limited in the degree and manner of further interventions, for whatever reasons.

Such a being is worthy of respect, as a living being. Worthy of caution, and perhaps fear, as a being of superior development and power. Worthy of worship? No. No more than we are worthy of the worship of gorillas or chimpanzees> Needful of worship? Only if it's some comic-book thing about feeding off psychic energy, which makes the whole thing a predatory-prey realtionship, or if God is actually the raving egomaniac the books make Him out to be!

In any event, that's why I'm an atheist. Gods as portrayed in all mythologies don't appear to exist literally, and while I am not so foolish as to deny out of hand the possible existence of more developed, more or differently evolved beings than us, I see no need to worship such beings.

Snapper-up of unconsidered trifles, walker of paths less travelled by. Advocate-in-Ordinary to His Satanic Majesty.

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