If the Black cop killed the White man, cold-bloodedly and deliberately, just because he was White, then yes.

But there is a difference. In that scenario the Black officer would have been instantly arrested and charged with first-degree murder, while the colleagues who looked on would have been charged as accessories. All of them would have been convicted and have been given the maximum sentence without the option of parole.

In the current matter, the cold-blooded, deliberate, racially-motivated murder of Mr Floyd by a White officer has been met with charges ranging from 'unintentional' (my arse!) second-degree murder to second-degree manslaughter. Chauvin will stand trail before a White judge and an all-White jury (his lawyers will make sure of that). He will be found guilty of the lightest offence possible, be handed down a 10-year sentence, will be paroled after 5, get a job in Security at a shopping mall and spend his days gleefully harassing Black shoppers while middle-class White women shoplift ad lib.

That, sir, is institutionalised racism of the kind that exists in both our countries. It's less extreme here because we're not as given to violence as Americans, but this kind of shit happens too often for comfort in far too many places.

Officer Chauvins' intention to kill is unmistakable to anyone who has seen the video or considered the facts as reported from all sources. Absent any personal motivation or fear for his own safety, we can only conclude that his motivation was racial.

What I doubt is the fairness and impartiality of a broken system and corrupt media.

Snapper-up of unconsidered trifles, walker of paths less travelled by. Advocate-in-Ordinary to His Satanic Majesty.

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