I try, I really try, but your allergy to common sense and your urge to rush to extremes make me want to howl at times. Not to mention all the silly mistakes and false connections you make!

The situation you describe as arising from predatory capitalism, where the strong prey on the weak so the weak then prey on the even weaker, is not Fascism, it is anarchy. Individuals acting as they see fit, disregarding law and morality and taking what they can from whoever they can.

Fascism is by nature a pyramid. It places the Nation, the Volk, the Party, the Faith, anything else you might fancy capitalising, at the top, to be served by a strictly-regimented hierarchy which disregards the individual, subjugating their needs and desires to those of the Authority. The individual has many duties, but few rights, and is protected by the structure as long as he conforms to it. The Great Error of 20th Century history was the labelling of the USSR and the PRC as ‘communist’ when to the unbiased eye, they were and are Fascist.

Socialism is about building a society that works for everyone. It should begin with the idea that every individual is entitled to housing, warmth, food, clothing, health care and education — a decent standard of life — as of right. Given, not earned. To do this, people will need to work to provide the necessities, and those who do so will be given extra reward commensurate with the value of their work to society. In return, they will be expected to support society by paying taxes and, most importantly, by increased consumption, which stimulates the economy and provides more work, which leads to more consumption, and so on. That much, that consumption as stimulation spiral, is a notion common to both capitalism and socialism. Where free-market capitalism fails is that it does not enforce that cycle. It allows company owners and shareholders to take all the profit for themselves instead of giving workers pay rises, and to hoard the money in off-shore accounts, avoiding tax. Socialism would regulate to prevent this -for every one person who is good-hearted and generous by nature, there are fifty who need to be made to behave decently, and we have to accept that and do something about it.

That’s it and that’s all of it. Mewling and puking about ‘implosion’ and impending doom isn’t helpful. Relying on philosophy and intellectualism over common sense won’t help, either. It’s not rocket science — people are a bad lot and need to be kicked a bit to get the right idea, that’s all.

Snapper-up of unconsidered trifles, walker of paths less travelled by. Advocate-in-Ordinary to His Satanic Majesty.

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