I do wish you’d stop conflating the UK with the US. We are not (every POTUS since WW2 to the contrary) the 51st state!

I know the UK has done things you disapprove of, especially Brexit, but even though you live and work in London, you seem to understand very little about the English. If you did, you would understand why the Common Market was acceptable to us, but the European Union is not.

As to indifference to the deaths, that’s absolutely false. Those of us who have lost people mourn for them. Those who have not extend sympathy and support when, where and to whom we can. Quietly, privately, in the way of the English. A public outpouring of ‘grief’, such as the media-created one over the death of Diana Spencer Mountbatten, would be as un-English as it’s possible to get. There will be proper and dignified memorials to the lost in due course, everything in its own time.

Horrified? Maybe not so much. Unlike the spoiled, coddled, safe Americans, we are used to mass death. The Blitz, mad Irishmen with bombs, mad Muslims with bombs. We’ve lived with that kind of death-toll for generations. That’s why most of us understand the need for precautions and take them. We grumble, we fret, we make awful jokes, but we get on with it.

Might I also remind you that the British government has taken positive steps to secure the livelihoods of a great many people through the unprecedented Job Retention Scheme. It is arguable that this is not enough, and indeed there is always more that could be done, especially for SME companies and the self-employed. But something has been done, far more than Trump and his acolytes have achieved or intend to.

Just don’t put us into the same slot as your particular bete noir. Also, a little less pointing out of problems, and a few more suggested solutions might help!

Snapper-up of unconsidered trifles, walker of paths less travelled by. Advocate-in-Ordinary to His Satanic Majesty.

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