Good luck with that! The reason why we have governments is because humans, taken as a whole, are a bunch of dimwitted, criminal-minded layabouts who need to be kicked in order to do anything, never mind the ‘right thing’! Left to their own devices, they will do exactly, and only, what they need to do to gratify their immediate needs. If they’re hungry, they’ll find food, unless somebody nearby has some they can steal easily!

It’s a survival characteristic. All predators (and humans are apex predators) will eat carrion rather than hunt, or drive weaker predators from the kill rather than hunt for themselves. Hunting takes time and energy which can be more usefully spent asserting dominance and gaining mating rights.

Of course, once you’ve asserted dominance, you can either force or persuade others to get your stuff for you, as long as you let them keep just enough to keep themselves alive, you get what you want for minimum effort. The ones who consistently used force became politicians, the ones who consistently used persuasion became priests and the ones who did whatever it took at any specific time became criminals and/or business people. The rest of us were then made to work hard for minimal reward to keep them living the high life. So it continues.

As for Christianity, it’s no different from any other religion. Its sole aim and purpose is to give the priests a good living without the necessity of working by preying on the irrational fears of the ignorant or wilfully self-deluding. Hence the saying “let us prey”. The last thing the leaders of any faith want is for their followers to actually start living the lives they’re supposed to, because then they’d have to play by the rules as well, and lose their status!

Positive change, when it has come before and will come again, is brought about by those who, like Nietzsche’s ‘overman’, are not concerned with the morality of what they do, but only its’ necessity.

Snapper-up of unconsidered trifles, walker of paths less travelled by. Advocate-in-Ordinary to His Satanic Majesty.

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