Darwinsim is, of course, a theory only, and until and unless it can be proved in repeated, controlled experiment it must remain so. That's a rule the scientists themselves set great store by. Since we don't have the millions of years at our disposal in which to study the development and adaptation of species, a theory it must remain.

In the matter of the watchmaker, they may not be blind, but they are certainly incompetent! I cringe every time David Attenborough or whoever remarks upon how perfectly an organism fits into its environment or its role as a predator or whatever. Yet desert animals still need water, in some form, or to hide during the day from the heat. If I were to design an animal to live in a hot, dry environment it would be heatproof and not need water, and I'm no all-wise, omnipotent Creator. As to predators, does every hunt succeed? No, only about one in ten. Not such perfect design then!

Leaving aside oddities such as the platypus (which could only prove that any Creator has a warped sense of humour), look at the Giant Panda. A carnivore too clumsy to hunt, which must subsist on a plentiful but near-indigestible grass, and has a fertility rate so low that despite our best efforts it remains a vulnerable species. Not exactly perfect adaptation.

The biggest flaw of all in any argument for intelligent or purposive design is, of course, the brain. This vital and deicate organ, which anyone with any common sense would place deep within the body cavity, protected by layers of bone, muscle and skin, is invariably stuck out on the end of a thin and vulnerable stalk, the slightest injury to which will cause paralysis or death by exsanguination.

Mr Watchmaker, could I have my money back please?

Evolutionary biologists, unlike theoretical physicists, seem unable or unwilling to peel back further layers or design new methods to prove or disprove theories, or to come up with new theories or even thought experiments. Where is the evolutionary biologists' analogue of Schroedingers' Cat? Resting on ones' own laurels is bad enough, resting on someone elses' is unforgivable!

Snapper-up of unconsidered trifles, walker of paths less travelled by. Advocate-in-Ordinary to His Satanic Majesty.

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