Daft as a brush, you! I mean it! After what's happening in India, after what's happened in the USA (where they took the same attitude as you), you're still carking on about Covid being no worse than the sniffles! FFS look at the numbers, you idiot! Oh, wait, it's only the old and the fat and the Black and the Brown that die in any numbers, and they don't count, right? Thick and a fascist! Presumably, you don't wear a mask or socially distance, and you won't be having a jab on the grounds that your superior Aryan genes will protect you?

As for the EU, don't be naive! The EEC was a good thing, worth being part of and worth maintaining. But like the Common Market before it, it was only a stage in the progress to the EU and a Federal Europe. Because that is the ultimate aim, and it has already gone horribly wrong. Because the plan was formulated just after WW2, when Germany was torn apart, split into two. The idea then was to build an economic foundation upon which to base a political structure that would give France hegemony over a united Europe. It was for this reason that De Gaulle was steadfast in his refusal to admit the UK. France has been trying to dominate Europe since the 9th Century and Britain was the nemesis which, by accident or design, had always foiled that plan. But the Americans, who have never understood Europe, or realised that they are held in utter contempt by Europeans, were only interested in defending against Communism. So they pumped money into West Germany, building it inot an economic giant capable of challenging France for dominance. At that point, the UK was allowed to join the Common Market in the hope that fear of a resurgent Germany would make us side with France. Now, we here have fought the Germans twice, and we respect them, but we absolutely despise the French! That didnlt matter as long as it was only trade. But then the EU became political, while at the same time, Germany reunited. The entire landscape changed, and we in Britain could see what was coming. The EU is now an embryonic Fourth Reich - Germany is calling the shots and the French are fulminating -as they do just before they surrender.

So, sorry to disappoint, but we''ll neither be a province of a new German empire, or the 51st State. Neither do we want to be a world power any more. The poorer we become, the fewer people will come here and the more will leave. With any luck, the population will decline to a liveable level, so there's enough jobs to go around and we can just mind our own business. If not, we'd rather be poor and free, the way we were before our French and German kings and queens got ideas above their station.

Snapper-up of unconsidered trifles, walker of paths less travelled by. Advocate-in-Ordinary to His Satanic Majesty.

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